Things to do at Curtin Springs

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Curtin Springs is a wondrous combination of both the pastoral and tourism industries, situated some 85 kilometres east of the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park in the Alice Springs region of the Northern Territory.

Curtin Springs, NT

Curtin Springs is a million acre cattle station, currently owned and operated by the Severin family, and has a wealth of unforgettable activities and adventures that take place on its giant grounds.

Whether staying at Wayside Inn, learning about the station’s unique connection to the land including their natural paper production process, going for an incredible nature walk across the station’s diverse landscape or doing the same via 4WD, there is something for everyone to enjoy about this remarkable part of Australia!

Let’s take a look at some of the things that make Curtin Springs such a memorable place to visit.

  • Learn about their connection to the land

    The owners of Curtin Springs are proud of their connection to the acreage and their commitment to its sustainability. There is no better way to learn about their love of the station and its elements than with a tour of the Curtin Springs Paper making facility.

    Here, raw desert ingredients combine with artisanal crafting to make a special souvenir of your time in the Red Centre. Learn about how the team at Curtin Springs Paper makes this beautiful keepsake, including the different types of grass and other ingredients that formulate special designs.

  • Traverse the terrain

    Did we mention that Curtin Springs is situated on one million acres of land? That’s pretty big, ginormous, in fact, and so it’s only natural that it is home to some of the most impressive natural landscape this side of the Northern Territory. Check out ancient salt lakes, wander along with endless desert landscapes and view the impressive Mount Connor – it’s the perfect way to enjoy the slow, serene pace of this beautiful part of Australia.

  • 4WD tours of Mount Connor

    Mount Connor is located on the station and is one of the most impressive sites it has to offer. This giant monolith appears to jump right out of the desert earth, and is an incredible sight that is best enjoyed on an awesome 4WD tour.

  • Enjoy your stay

    Curtin Springs is one of the most charming and rustic places to stay in the Uluru region. It is a great way to kick back, unwind and enjoy a slower pace when visiting the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park region.

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