Can you swim at Edith Falls?

Can you swim at Edith Falls?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/13/2022

Reading time: 3 mins

Nitmiluk National Park may not carry the same pedigree as the world famous Litchfield and Kakadu national parks, but it is every bit as spectacular, with lush bushland, rugged escarpments, refreshing waterholes and cascading waterfalls all comprising the incredible landscape!

The most famous waterfall – and the one that draws so many travellers to this mesmerising national park – is that of Edith Falls: an incredible rocky cascades flanked by pandanus and paperbark trees.

You will be stoked to know that yes! You can most certainly swim in the sublime waters at the base of the falls. This being said, swimming may be off the cards in the wet season from November to April, so if you’re keen for a spot of tropical park swimming, best to avoid it at this time.

Regardless, you’re in for a spectacular time experiencing these invigorating falls, as well as some of the other joys to be found in the Katherine region, including:

Mataranka Hot Springs

If swimming in the Top End is what you’re looking for, one of the most jaw droppingly gorgeous places to do it is the Mataranka Hot Springs. Flanked by paradisiacal tropical flora and with a constant temperature of 34°C, the Mataranka Hot Springs and the adjacent Bitter Springs are some of the most luscious places to take a natural dip in all of Oz (if not the world for that matter!).

Located in the sublime Elsey National Park, the springs are easily one of the best ways to spend an afternoon in the Katherine region. They are so nourishing and refreshing that you could easily spend a few hours there without realising any time has passed whatsoever…


Katherine is the buzzing hub at the centre of all this beautiful nature, and there is plenty to do in town when you’re not ducking out to the world’s best natural swimming spots.

To start, there is the Mimi Aboriginal Art and Craft Centre, where you can find and purchase local-made pieces. Next, there is the Top Didj experience, where Manuel Pamkal will teach you all about cross hatching as well as spear and boomerang throwing.

The Gulf Region

The Gulf Region is a cheeky few hour drive from Katherine, and here you will find incredible Indigenous art and some of the country’s most sumptuous seafood, making it an awesome trip just east from amazing Katherine!


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