Can you swim at Mataranka?

Can you swim at Mataranka?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 10/22/2021

Reading time: 2 mins

The lush beauty and sensuous enjoyment of the Mataranka Hot Springs make it one of the Northern Territory’s most beloved tourist destinations!

Diving in at Mataranka Hot Springs

This incredible thermal pool, beautifully situated within the shade of stunning Mataranka Palm Trees, is one of the world’s most ideal places to enjoy a natural dip, with waters staying at about 34°C year round.

So, when you ask can you swim at Mataranka? The answer is a resounding yes! They are not just there to be gazed upon (although that is pretty cool, too): they are there to be enjoyed for their enriching, health promoting goodness!

So, now that we’ve got formalities out of the way, what are some of the other joyous activities that take place in this most tranquil part of the NT?


This charming town has a heap of stuff going on in town and some pretty amazing natural activities right outside of town (hot springs included). Katherine is the centerpoint of the likes of the Nitmiluk National Park and Katherine River, meaning as soon as you head out of town you are sure to experience some of the fun-filled adventures that make Katherine famous!

The Nitmiluk National Park

The Nitmiluk National Park may not be as instantly recognisable as the likes of Kakadu and Litchfield, but it easily stands up there alongside those two as one of the NT’s top national parks!

Why? Because it too is host to the incredible, prehistoric wonder that makes NT national parks so sought-after for nature-lovers. Think majestic clifftops leading down to peaceful waterholes, incredible hikes among ancient bushland – you know, that sort of thing…

Finally, if you really want to take in this incredible national park for all its expansive beauty, be sure to hop aboard a scenic flight that will take you right across this surreal wilderness and all its unparalleled beauty.

The Gulf Region

The Gulf Region, located a few hours east of Katherine, truly has something for everyone to enjoy. The region is an absolute dream for lovers of wilderness fishing, Indigenous art, gorgeous seafood and stunning natural awe!

Be sure to head out to the Limmen National Park, another one of the NT’s incredible natural offerings. Here, you will find the mesmerising Southern and Western Lost Cities, where giant sandstone spires dot the surreal landscape – it’s an unforgettable site to see…

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