How long have Aboriginal people been in Australia?

Australia is famous for being the home to the oldest known civilization on Earth; The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. With once being over 500 different Indigenous nations, with a vast range of language, culture, and traditions.

The Beginning of the Indigenous Community

For thousands of years, before any European or explorer discover the land of Australia, it was home to the Aboriginal community. Depending on the location and evidence, it stated that they have survived in the country for over 60,000 years ago, with some historians believing it could be even longer. Suggesting that the Indigenous community of Australia have been in the country effectively forever, seeing as that modern human inhabitant only moved out of Africa around 55,000 years ago. Out of the 500 different nations, there were around here were between 300,000 to 950,000 Indigenous people living in Australia when it was first discovered by explorers. Out of the 500 nations, there was over 260 distinct language groups and 500 dialects.

The communities lived in small family groups, with the particular tribe staying in the same scenery throughout their life. These included rainforests, beach lands, or desert areas, with the tribe in each scenery living completely different lives. including with a vast range of diversity in culture and language. As there were so many tribes in Australia, a lot of the time the tribes interacted or came into close proximately with each other. With some either getting along and forming together or having battles and wars between them.

Despite all their differences, all the people had the four main values; identity, responsibilities, relationships and spirituality. Seeing every living thing as a vitally important aspect in the continuation of the environment. With the land and creatures connected to the spiritual world strongly.

The Destruction of the Indigenous Community

The discovery of Australia by the famous Captain Cook in 1770 sparked the European invasion that would lead to thousands of Aboriginal deaths and the permanent destruction for many of the Indigenous cultures. On arrival, Cook declared the area to be the property of King George III, ignoring the clear fact that thousands of individuals already occupied this land. The Europeans who came from the new land of Australia saw the Indigenous community as savages, as their lifestyle and traditions were very different from their own. This led to Europeans slaughtering communities, forcing them to conform to the European lifestyle, passing deadly diseases to them, and stealing the younger generation form their families. These are just a few of the destructive actions which cause many of the communities of Australia to be wiped.

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