How many days do you need in Alice Springs and Uluru?

How many days do you need in Alice Springs and Uluru?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 12/20/2022

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Alice Springs and Uluru are both located in the middle of the Australian outback in the Northern Territory. And oh boy, there is a lot to explore!

It is recommended to have about six days in total to explore both Alice Springs and Uluru. That is about three days in each place. There is so much to do in Alice Springs and Uluru. But if you’re limited by time, you could do two days. One of the best ways to explore these two places is through a tour! You can see the main attractions and learn so much when on a tour.

What to do in Alice Springs

Alice Springs is one of the more popular remote towns in the Northern Territory. It is halfway between Darwin and Adelaide! While visiting Alice Springs for a day or three days, you can do and see so much.

Hot-air balloon during sunrise

A great way to start your morning in Alice Springs is seeing the sunrise in a hot-air balloon. You might spot wildlife like a kangaroo while watching the sunlight come across the MacDonnell Ranges.

MacDonnell Ranges

There are bushwalks and wildlife to spot when in MacDonnell Ranges. The West MacDonnell Ranges is where most visitors go. There are great places to visit in the west like the Simpsons Gap, Ochre Pits, and Ellery Creek Big Hole. East MacDonnell Ranges isn’t as popular as the west. But there are great spots to visit when in the east like Emily and Jessie Gaps Nature Park, Corroboree Rock, and Trephina Gorge Nature Park. Don’t forget to swim in one of the many MacDonnell Ranges waterholes.

Mount Connor

Mount Connor is a flat-topped mountain, known as a mesa. You can view Mount Connor as you drive toward Uluru along the Lasseter Highway.

What to do in Uluru?

There is so much to do when staying in Uluru. You can visit for a day and see the main attractions like Uluru. Or you can stay for a few days and learn more about the Anangu people and their culture.

Best ways to see Uluru

The best way to see Uluru is either at sunrise or sunset. They both offer different experiences but it’s a sight to see. You can watch the sunlight coming across Uluru during sunrise. Or watching the sunset is another remarkable sight. The Northern Territory has some of the best sunsets in Australia. Seeing the purple with fiery colours in the sky with Uluru in sight is an unforgettable experience.

Aboriginal Culture Centre

Visiting the Aboriginal Culture Centre is one of the best ways to learn more about the Anangu people. You can learn more about the Anangu people’s culture, and the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park.

Mutitjulu Waterhole

Take a 45 minute walk to Mutitjulu Waterhole via the Kuniya walk. At the waterhole. you can view the Mutitjulu people’s rock art. There is no way to tell how old these paintings are. But the Mutitjulu people have lived in this region for thousands of years.

Now you know how many days you need in Alice Springs and Uluru, it’s time to travel! When are you coming to visit?

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