How to Experience Kings Creek Station

Uluru is a bastion of the Australian outback, promising visitors a deep insight into a wildly colourful past. Forming one of the most popular attractions in the country, the jutting monolith draws in millions of people every year who want to learn more about its natural beauty and its cultural heritage.

Nearby, Kings Creek Station forms another must-see attraction in the area. Tucked away amongst rolling orange desert scenes, this working cattle and camel station allows visitors to delve into local life in the outback and sleep under the stars.

Here’s a fun fact: the station is the largest exporter of wild camels in the country and, today, visitors flock to the on-site restaurant to try one of the famous camel burgers that decorate the menu.

But that’s not all there is to do. The location of the station at the base of the George Gill range makes it the perfect place for hiking, exploring, and some more adventurous pursuits.

Here are some of the best things to do in Kings Creek Station:

  • Discover the Local Wildlife

    The scenes surrounding Kings Creek Station are jaw-dropping, with centuries-old rock formations casting eerie silhouette against the horizon. Look out for the wild array of plant and animal species that can be found in the nearby vicinity, including desert oaks, wild flowers, and native Australian animal species that come out after dark.

  • Take a Hike

    There are plenty of hiking trails that weave around the landscape Kings Creek Station sits in. The George Gill Lookout is the perfect place to start your explorations, with mesmerising views out across the surrounding desert.

    If you fancy doing something a little different, swap your walk for a camel ride and plod through the ancient scenery past soaring sand dunes and thick scrub.

  • Catch the Sunset

    Australia’s outback boasts a beautiful array of colours throughout the day, but none are quite as spectacular as they are at sunset. Watch the horizon turn from bright blue through to inky pink and black as the sun dips below the horizon. Grab a beer at the on-site bar and kick back and relax as the show unfolds before tucking into a delectable Australian treat for dinner.

  • Get Your Adrenalin Pumping

    The endless desert landscape lends itself perfectly to a whole host of adventurous pursuits. The more active traveller can indulge in quad biking, soaring over the smattering of dunes, or take a helicopter ride over the stunning scenery below.

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