The Adventures of Kings Creek Station

Uluru is one of the most popular destinations in Australia for tourists. It’s ancient history and iconic jutting rock face is famous around the world, but there are other parts of the region worth exploring, too.

Kings Creek Station is set amongst the sprawling orange landscape of Australia’s Outback, and is a working cattle and camel station. Here, visitors can camp beneath the stars, stay in a range of comfortable accommodation, and experience the surrounding scenery of this incredible part of the country.

Known as the largest exporter of wild camels in Australia, Kings Creek Station is renowned for its camel burgers, but there are plenty of other things to keep you busy during your time there. The location at the bottom of George Gill range, is enough to keep you going for starters. Set just 36km from the ancient jut of Kings Canyon, it offers visitors the chance to really indulge in the traditional Australia outback.

  • Explore the Surrounding Flora and Fauna

    Despite being set in Australia’s desert, Kings Creek Station is home to a number of unique plant and animal species. Keep your eyes peeled for desert oaks, wild flowers, and a huge array of desert-dwelling animals that often come out after dark when the air has cooled down.

  • Watch the Sunset

    The outback is the perfect place to watch the sunset, as you witness the orange scenery turn from pink to inky black. At Kings Creek Station, grab a beer and relax as you watch the show unfold. For dinner, get your hands on a famous camel burger and cool off in the onsite pool.

  • Get Walking… Or Riding

    The George Gill Lookout is a great place to get to. Hike up there, and you’ll be greeted by breath-taking views across the desert scenery.

    Alternatively, take to the back of a camel and take a traditional ride through the desert. Plod along through the landscape, discovering the ancient red dunes, thick scrub, and endless glowing views from horizon to horizon. This is one of the best and most unique ways to explore the area.

  • Take Things Up a Notch

    If you’re looking for an adrenalin-packed experience, try quad biking across the dunes or hit the skies in a helicopter ride, where you can watch the action unfold below. Keep a look out for dipping canyons, fascinating crags, and quirky rock formations as you go.

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