The Changing Colours of Uluru

Uluru, or Ayers Rock is the most famous landmark in Australia. The ‘big rock’ in the centre of the country represents more than just a big stone in the middle of the country. It is Uluru colours believed to be a sacred site for the neighbouring Aboriginal communities, as well as a big part of their myths and legends of how Australia was created. Regardless of what you believe, there’s no doubt that the giant sandstone rock is beautiful and unbelievably large. It’s size is hard to comprehend, as majority of the rock is below earth’s surface. It’s said that 2.5 km’s of the rock in underground! Ayers Rock is 863 metres high and a circumference of 9.4 kilometres, making this landmark big enough to see from space! As much as the size keeps tourists driving in herds to see it, the sunrise and sunset are what keeps them there.

If you hear someone talking about Ayers Rock, they are more than likely going to speak about the colours that find their way into their photos. The best times to see these changing of colours is either at sunrise or sunset. At sunrise, the sun creeps from the ground and slowly fills the rock with a bright red, as if it is on fire. As the sun makes its way over the rock, it transforms back to its original rusty orange hue.

At sunset, the fun begins again when the sun hits the rock on its way down, changing from sizzling red and back to orange again. This spectacle is the most popular time in Uluru National Park. Tourists, tour buses, travellers, and even the wildlife come out to capture what is to be an experience to never forget.

There are designated areas around Ayers Rock that you are allowed to view the sunset. These car parks are packed with people and their photo equipment, taking video and snapshots of the sun’s descent behind the horizon. There are even grand experiences like ‘Sounds of Silence’ dinner. Watch the sun set on Ayers Rock while you casually enjoy a glass of champagne and gasp in awe of the beautiful view in front of you. Dinner is served after sunset buffet style and with help of hurricane at sunrise lamps. If you want the ultimate experience out at Uluru, dining in the outback while watching the changing colours of the rock might be your best bet.

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