Things to Do at the Kata Tjuta Cultural Centre

Kata Tjuta is an ancient landscape near Uluru that is formed of three large rock formations also known as the Olgas. Here, visitors can step back in time and learn all about the rich Aboriginal heritage of the region while exploring the breath-taking scenery that characterises this part of Australia. The best place to start these explorations is at the Kata Tjuta Cultural Centre, a place that is solely focused on sharing the unique history of the region with visitors.

Things to Do at the Kata Tjuta Cultural Centre

Set amongst the heady red landscape of Australia’s desert, the cultural centre offers an insight into the life and times of the local tribes that have lived around Kata Tjuta for thousands of years. Visitors can deep dive into fascinating stories, learn all about traditional performances, and get to know this important part of Australian culture.

Learn About Anangu

The Cultural Centre marks a great starting point for learning about the foundation of Aboriginal culture, and Anangu is the traditional law that guides daily life in the region. You can learn all about it in various displays throughout the centre.

Visit the Art Galleries

Home to a number of art galleries, the Cultural Centre invites visitors to appreciate the unique range of creative techniques that the local Aboriginal people have nurtured over the years. On-site, you can explore a range of different painting and art styles, as well as meet some of the artists themselves and join in a workshop to try out some of the techniques.

Take a Tour

No visit to the Cultural Centre is complete without a guided tour around the surrounding region. As you go, an experience Aboriginal guide will share snippets of life and history with you, while sharing fascinating insights into how life in the region has changed over thousands of years.

Sit Back and Relax in the Café

If you start to feel hungry, the on-site café is there to cater to your needs. Serving up a range of light refreshments and main meals, you can tuck into some local Australian cuisine to refuel your explorations while admiring spectacular views of Uluru’s impressive silhouette. As well as a café, there is a souvenir shop that stocks a range of gifts, books, videos, and clothing, so you can take a piece of the Kata Tjuta and Uluru culture home with you.

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