You can’t think of Australia without seeing visions of the Outback. That red dirt and blazing sun, kangaroos, and boomerangs all epitomise Australia to foreigners, but not nearly as much as “the big rock.” People have been venturing to the centre of Australia for years, all en-route to view one of the world’s best examples of natural beauty. Ayers Rock (Uluru) has captivated sightseers with its mammoth size, unique geography, and presence since it was first discovered by non-indigenous men in the 1800s. Capture its breathtaking beauty at sunrise and sunset, as the giant sandstone rock changes colour throughout the day. The area is said to be the most sacred location in Australia, as it was once the land of the Aboriginal’s ancestors. Referred to as “Dreamtime,” the indigenous community of Australia believe during this time, everything was created. From there, certain spirits were turned into rock and other formations, and are considered sacred, like Uluru itself.

The Aboriginals believe Uluru was created during Dreamtime, and consider it part of their ancestry. There are paintings in the caves and other areas of the rock, depicting ancient spirits. The local indigenous people still hold rituals around the rock to this day, honouring their ancestors and the beginning of their existence.

Located close to Uluru is the Uluru-Kata Tjuta Aboriginal Cultural Centre, which provides extensive information and stories about the area and its people. The best part of the center is that there are locals around, available to share their stories of the rock and their ancestors.

Uluru is also a great multi-day trip from Alice Springs. As majority of tours leave from Alice Springs, this is your best bet to get the best experience for the right amount of money. If getting to the “true outback” is high on your list, Uluru cannot be missed. With guided tours from locals and aboriginals alike, you will get a first-hand experience like no other. Learn about Dreamtime and how to survive in the “bush,” all while having a true Aussie BBQ in the outback. Visiting the grounds of Uluru will keep you in awe with its colossal size and remarkable beauty of the surrounding area. You are permitted to climb to the top of the rock, but Aboriginals do not agree with this, as it is sacred ground. Trips from Alice Springs include a few nights camping with meals, stories, and unforgettable experiences. If you’re headed out to the “Red Centre” make sure you give yourself at least three days to experience Uluru and its surroundings.

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