Camel Riding

Camel Riding in Uluru

Deep in the heart of Australia’s red centre, Uluru towers over the surrounding scenery. The ancient rock is a stunning display of natural beauty.

As one of the country’s most iconic landmarks, the monolith is a firm favourite amongst tourists, and promises plenty of memorable experiences around its base.

As well as a rich Aboriginal history that dates back thousands of years, Uluru and its surrounding area is home to a number of unique, native animal and plant species.

If you want to try something a bit different while in the region, try taking a camel ride across the desert. Seeing camels in Australia might be a strange idea, but these animals thrive in the Australian outback. They were imported back in the 19th century and remained a vital way to traverse the outback until railways were implemented later down the line.

Today, you can experience the red centre and Uluru in exactly the same way as those 19th century cameleers did. What’s more, you can choose your own adventure!  Would you rather experience the sun rising over the impressive monolith or witness the changing colours at sunset?

Camel tours around Uluru are a unique way to discover everything the area has to offer, including the iconic Kings Creek Station, where many of the camels are located. While out exploring, you can watch the desert scenery burst into life, bathing the landscape in incredible colours and illuminating some of the area’s major attractions, including Uluru itself and the nearby Kata Tjuta.

  • Sunrise Camel Tours

    Sunrise tours give you the opportunity to take magnificent shots of the landscape. Capture the moment the rising sun bathes everything in a luminous glow. You’ll get to wander through the outback, catching glimpses of native wildlife and quirky plant species as you go, before tucking into an outback breakfast and a morning cup of tea.

  • Sunset Camel Tours

    If evening is more your time of day, hop aboard your steed as the sun sets. Ride through the red sands as they begin to change colour for the night. Watch as Uluru and Kata Tjuta change from vibrant oranges to milky pinks and dusky silhouettes. Enjoy a traditional Aussie bush dinner and champagne as the sun dips behind the horizon.

You can also simply marvel at the camels by taking the camel train around the farm. Here, you can get to know these beautiful creatures and learn more about their vital part in the outback’s history.

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