Cavenagh Lodge Bed and Breakfast

Cavenagh Lodge Bed and Breakfast

4 Cavenagh Cres, East Side, NT 0870

The Cavenagh Lodge is in Alice Springs and is perfect for large families wanting to stay a few nights. You’ll have access to the outdoor areas like the wooden entertaining deck, BBQ, swimming pool, and Dutch tub.

Room options

Cavenagh Lodge has six bedrooms, four bathrooms, two lounge rooms, two kitchens, and two laundries. The Desert Rose, Telegraph Station, and Spencer Hill rooms are in the main lodge and share the bathroom, lounge room, and kitchen.

The Desert Rose room has a queen bed and two single beds, fitting up to four people.

The Telegraph Station room fits up to three people with a queen and a single bed.

The Spencer Hill room has a split system air conditioner and fits three people on the queen bed and single bed.

The Alice Todd room has a bedroom with a queen bed, an ensuite, and an air conditioner. The room has its own lounge room, kitchen, and dining room which the Sturt Desert pea room can have access to.

The Sturt Desert Pea room has a queen bed, ensuite, split system air conditioner, and a TV. There is also a kitchenette with a bar fridge, microwave, kettle, and toaster.

The Namatjira room has a bedroom with a queen bed, ensuite, TV, and a split system air conditioner.

What’s Nearby?

As the lodge is in Alice Springs, you can freely explore the town, check out the museum, or go to the Reptile Centre.

You are also close to MacDonnell Ranges to see the natural attractions like the gorges, valleys, and rivers.

Or you can do a day trip and head out to Uluru to see the massive red sandstone rock.

Other accommodation: