Does Uluru get cold at night?

Does Uluru get cold at night?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/07/2023

Reading time: 3 mins

Uluru is a massive red sandstone that is found in Australia’s Red Centre. And one of Australia’s most precious attractions!

Being in the middle of Australia, also known as the red desert, it gets very hot and stays hot, would it? You might be surprised to know when the sun sets and the moonlight casts out over the land, it can get very cold. During Uluru’s summer (wet season), overnight it doesn’t get as cold being around 17 degrees Celsius. But as it slowly approaches the cooler months, it can reach 12.6 degrees Celsius. But in winter (dry season), temperatures overnight can drop to as low as 3.4 degrees Celsius!

Just because it can get really cold overnight, don’t expect the day to keep cool! During the wet season, it can get as hot as 38 degrees Celsius. And in the dry season, it can go between 20 degrees Celsius to almost 30 degrees Celsius!

Now you know Uluru can get rather cold at night, let’s look into what you can do when visiting Uluru!

Take a walk around Uluru

Obviously, if you’re in Uluru, you’ve got to visit the rock itself! There is a fabulous walk you can do all around Uluru, but it’s ideal to do this earlier in the morning before it gets too hot. There are also viewpoints you can go to for sunrise and sunset. We know it’s an early wake up, but you wouldn’t want to miss watching the sunrise! It’s beautiful watching the sky light up over Uluru.

Have you heard of Kata Tjuta?

Kata Tjuta is another big rock formation, similar to Uluru. But Kata Tjuta is a couple of domed rocks that are near Uluru. We recommend checking it out as not a lot of people do since Uluru tends to overshine these other rock formations! To see Kata Tjuta, you can do the three to four hour Valley of the Winds walk.

Learn about the traditional owners of the land

Discover the Anangu culture and how they continue to look after the national park. The Uluru-Kata Tjuta Culture Centre also has a range of displays and there are Aboriginal art galleries you can walk through.

When staying in Uluru, expect to pack clothing for summer and winter like temperatures. If you are planning on staying in Uluru for a couple of days but are not sure where to start, we suggest booking a tour! There are many multi day tours, like this four day tour where you see Uluru, Kata Tjuta, and Kings Canyon.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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