How long is the Valley of the Winds walk?

How long is the Valley of the Winds walk?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 10/08/2021

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The Valley of the Winds is one of Australia’s most otherworldly hiking trails, a far out trek through Kata Tjuta’s mesmerising dome-like structures!

Valley of the Winds Walk

The Valley of the Winds is the ultimate way to immerse yourself in some of Australia’s most incredibly surreal nature, the likes of which make it completely different from anywhere else in the world…

There are three different walks you can take with each walk encompassing a different time frame. For the shortest walk, head up to Karu lookout (1 hour, 2.2 km return). This is a moderately difficult track that, whilst being the shortest of the three, is incredibly rewarding, with otherworldly views from the lookout!

Next, and for a slightly more challenging walk, head out to the Karingana lookout (2.5 hours, 5.4 km return). This beguiling trail takes you down into the valley, along creek beds and, ultimately, up to the stunning Karingana Lookout.

Finally, the longest walk, the eponymous Valley of the Winds walk, is truly the most incredible. This 3-4 hour journey takes you across Kata Tjuta’s lookouts and through its most surreal domes, allowing you to truly immerse yourself in some of the most intergalactic scenery on offer here on Earth!

This walk, despite being longer, is actually less challenging than undertaking the Karingana lookout walk, where steep spots and steps make for a difficult return!

Now that you’ve traversed the incredible insides of Kata Tjuta, what can you expect to see from outside of this amazing landmark as well as the world famous Uluru some 58 km away?

Kata Tjuta

You probably already took in a pretty special view of Kata Tjuta before heading into its beguiling natural structure, and that’s only natural – you probably wanted to see the wonder you were about to immerse yourself in!

And what a wonder it is: this amazing natural landmark may be less recognisable than Uluru, but it is every bit as magnificent, with its gigantic dome structures creating a most dramatic scene for travellers.


Uluru is a place that doesn’t need much of an introduction, being one of the world’s natural wonders and all, but we’ll get into it for the sake of getting you pumped to visit!

Be sure to head to the magnificent monolith in one of the twilight hours, where the sun’s rays dance off the sandstone behemoth in hues of red, gold, blue and pink – it’s simply majestic…

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