How much of Uluru is underground?

How much of Uluru is underground?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 02/25/2022

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Uluru, Australia’s magnificent red monolith, is a travel rite of passage in this wide land. People come from all over the world to marvel upon its giant expanse, an expanse that illuminates in the twilight hours and stands stone red and mighty in the daylight!

One of the things that make Uluru even cooler is the way in which it’s actually something of a land iceberg, with a gigantic 2.5 km of its mass stretching underground – that’s about seven times its height above ground!

When you consider Uluru’s height eclipsing the likes of the Great Pyramid of Giza you can almost start to get an idea of just how much land it encompasses underground…

It’s fun facts like this that make Uluru even more special to visit, and we recommend doing it like this:

Seeing it in the twilight hours

Nature puts on one of its most enchanting spectacles at Uluru, with the twilight hours providing a natural light show that can’t be replicated anywhere else on Earth!

Why? Because where else can you see all manners of desert pinks, yellows, golds and blues dancing off a monolithic sandstone structure? Be sure to head there before sunrise and sunset or both for that matter – you’re in for a show that is much different to when you get out there for the daytime…

Uluru Base Walk

The Uluru Base Walk is the ultimate way to experience the incredible natural landscape surrounding the formation. The 10 km trek takes around three and a half hours to complete, in which you will experience unforgettable Uluru views and come across the national park’s famous flora and fauna!

On to Kata Tjuta…

Generally speaking, it’s only those who are already visiting Uluru that learn anything about Kata Tjuta. This being said, it is as equally-impressive as its more famous neighbour, with a series of Mars-esque dome sandstone structures billowing out of the red desert below.

Not only is Kata Tjuta one of the most impressive natural landmarks in all of Australia, it also makes for a fantastic hiking spot, as you can trek throughout its low-hanging valleys where you will come across plants and animals looking to shelter from the desert heat!

Uluru and Kata Tjuta combined make for the perfect red centre experience. Once you get there you will have greater understanding of its magnitude and as to why it’s such an unforgettable place to see in your lifetime…

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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