How Was Uluru Formed?

One of the world’s most renowned natural landmarks is Australia’s Ayers rock, otherwise known as Uluru. In the heart of Australia’s outback, this iconic structure has a vast history. Although it is famous for its size, and bright red colour, many do not know how or why this rock formed.

How Was Uluru Formed

The Aboriginal Dreamtime Story on Uluru

Australia is home to the Aboriginal people, the oldest continuous culture on Earth. Uluru is a very significant part of the indigenous culture and history. Their explanation on how Uluru formed resolves around their 10 ancestral beings. As each these ancestral spirits from the Dreamtime had a hand at creating the rock. The southern area of Uluru formed due to the war between the poisonous and carpet snakes. The north-west side of Uluru formed from the hare people, otherwise known as Mala. The indigenous community regards Uluru as a living form, and it is especially sacred to the Yankunytjatjara and Pitjantjatjara people. They consider this structure a dwelling for past spirits to live in.

The Geologist’s Explanation on Uluru

The birth of Uluru dates back around about 500 million years ago, a similar time when the Australian continent developed. Uluru started underwater and began with two fans, one made of sand, whereas the other composed of conglomerate rock. Due to the movement in the world’s land plates, the pressure resulted in these two fans condensing into rock. Australia dried up, and became land, leaving the formation of Uluru we know today. Uluru made from Arkose, which is a coarse sandstone. The reason for its amazing red colour is due to the rusting of the iron minerals within the rock. Ranging from 3.6km long and 1.9kms wide, this extraordinary rock is an Australian tressure.

Uluru Close Up

How to Travel There?

Located in Australia’s southwest area of the northern territory, Uluru is within the Uluru National Park. It is around a 5-hour drive from Alice Springs, or about a half an hour drive from the town Yulara. Tourists from all over the world come to see this amazing landmark, either travelling alone or on organized tours. You must buy a national park ticket to enter, which lasts for 3 whole days. A great time to travel to Uluru is watching the sunrise or sunset over the rock. Seeing the striking sunrise or fade from view will create a picturesque and unforgettable experience.

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