Mt Conner – Red Centre’s hidden gem

Mt Conner – Red Centre’s hidden gem

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/24/2017

Reading time: 3 mins

When people think of Northern Territory’s Red Centre, one thing generally springs to mind.

Uluru is the world’s largest rock and is the beacon for tourist attractions across the entire country. If you know a little more about the Red Centre, though, you may even know about Kata Tjuta. However, just a short drive from Uluru another phenomenal mountain that is actually linked to the same underground rock formation as Uluru.

With this having been said, there is a third mountain that is often entirely ignored or forgotten. Known as Mt Conner, this flat-topped monolith is estimated to be 500 million years old. Though it may be forgotten, it certainly does not mean that this extraordinary mountain is not worth visiting. In fact, it is a fascinating hidden gem of the Red Centre. At a total height of 300 meters, this towering chunk of sandstone, siltstone and mudstone creates an incredible impression on the otherwise flat landscape. Located in the Southwest corner of Northern Territory’s Red Centre, this fascinating peak lies within private land.

Where is it?

You will find Mt Conner standing amidst a vast and fully operational cattle station called Curtin Springs Station 100 km east of Uluru Resort. There are plenty of dams on the property to accommodate the cattle, and they thrive in the outback. Plus, this source of water has allowed for a number of different animals to thrive. During your tour of this phenomenal landscape, you will have the chance to spot kangaroo and rock wallaby as well as a rich bird and reptile population. Since the entire piece of land is over 1 million acres in size, you are sure to see a wide range of wildlife and plant-life on the road to the main attraction; Mt Conner.

What does it look like?

Mt Conner has an unmistakable horseshoe shape that becomes very obvious the more you explore the surrounding area. From far away, the mountain actually looks somewhat similar to Uluru. The mountains are so similar that people often mistaken Mr Conner for Uluru when seeing it from a distance.

Though most people make a beeline for Uluru, the Red Centre has far more to offer in the way of impressive rock structures. While you should not miss Kata Tjuta, the breathtaking view of Mt Conner is just as impressive. Not only is it beautiful, but a visit to this mountain will provide you with a truly unique experience. What better thing to do in Australia’s Red Centre than explore all of the lesser-known attractions.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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