The Endless Beauty of Edith Falls

Nestled in the middle of the breath-taking Nitmiluk National Park, Edith Falls offers a picturesque collection of dazzling waterfalls and fairytale rock pools. Surrounded by lush vegetation and a quirky array of wildlife, they pose a popular hotspot for tourists on the hunt for Australia’s mesmerising scenery.

The falls themselves are named after the Edith River which runs through the National Park and provides the perfect habitat for colourful flora and cute fauna, whilst the clear trickle of the rock pools proffer the perfect place for an afternoon dip – a necessity in the sheer heat of the Australian outback.

In fact, the vast majority of visitors make their way to Edith Falls purely for the swimming element. What could be better than splashing around in nature’s very own swimming pool enveloped by stunning landscapes? Not much! The cool waters are a great way to unwind after a fun-filled day of exploration and to kick back and relax whilst soaking up the peaceful ambiance of the National Park.

Hiking at Edith Falls

As well as the peppering of magical waterfalls and rock pools, the landscape surrounding Edith Falls is carved with numerous hiking trails which prove popular with more active travellers. Amongst the tall trees and flitting wildlife there are plenty of bushwalking routes that take in spectacular views and natural wonders, as well as a handful of secluded spots for picnicking and relaxing.

Edith Falls are also known as Leliyn, and the Leliyn Trail is perhaps the most sought after route through the forest, which meanders around a steep and challenging loop. On the way back you can stop off at the aptly named Sweetwater Pool which offers a little more intimacy than the main pool of Edith Falls.

Edith Falls is also the final stop on the Jatbula Trail which starts at the entrance of Nitmiluk National Park and weaves through the velvet undergrowth for 58 kilometres.

Camping at Edith Falls

If one day at the falls isn’t enough for you, you can rest your head at the lush campsite. The area sports a shade-laden landscape popping with bright flowers and well-equipped facilities – the perfect place to be at one with nature.

The Best Time to Visit Edith Falls

You are welcome to explore Edith Falls at any time of the year, but to experience it during the dry season it’s best to visit between May and September. The rainy season might provide a quieter ambiance, but there’s a chance you might not get to swim in the pools – one of the highlights of the entire trip.

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