What animals can you see at Uluru?

What animals can you see at Uluru?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/31/2019

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Trekking to the famous Uluru is an unforgettable journey and one of the best destinations to visit in Australia.

It’s famous for its harsh desert region, bursting with red and orange colour amidst the dry land scarce with plant life. But despite this harsh climate, Uluru is home to a number of wondrous animals unique to the area.

  • Thorny Devil

    This beautiful lizard is one of the icons of the Outback. Coming in at a tiny 20cms in size, the Thorny Devil is part of the Dragon Lizard family and lives for up to 20 years. Despite their fearsome appearance (their skin is covered in tiny spines) and name, they are one of the least aggressive lizards in Australia and have a gentle, shy nature. Difficult to spot, you are most likely to see one sunning itself by the side of the road, soaking up the sunlight they need to raise their body temperature. Look out for its erect tail and keep your eyes peeled and to the ground during any hikes. Populations are suffering due to habitat loss so seeing one is a real privilege.

  • Goanna

    Goanna’s are a large lizard that love to laze around in the sun. They are widespread throughout Australia and you’ve got a good chance of spotting one while travelling through the Outback. The Goanna is actually a monitor lizard, given their distinctive name by early settlers from Europe who thought they looked like iguanas! They can reach over 2 metres long and eat snakes, insects and even birds. They love to dig holes, so wherever you see holes in the ground, a Goanna is likely to be close by.

  • Desert Dingo

    Roaming these parts of Australia for 3,500 years, the Dingos have become a staple to the desert life. The famous wild dogs are a sandy golden colour, similar size to a medium dog around 30 kilometres in weight. However, they alter to dogs in that they do not bark, instead of howling similar to wolves. Dingoes mostly hunt at night, so if you are camping, make sure to pack all your food into the car.

  • Emu

    Emus are defiantly one of Australia’s more unusual creatures. They are one of the largest birds in existence, at 190 centimetres and weighing 55kg. Their huge bodies are covered by the shaggy brown feathers, with a bald neck and striking blue head. Their powerful legs let them reach speeds of 50kph with a running stride of 3 metres. The animals are featured prominently in the local Aboriginal’s Dreamtime stories, with many appearing on the ancient rock nearby to Uluru.

  • Bilby

    The Bilby has become Australia’s version of the Easter Bunny. With long pinkish ears and silky grey hair, these tiny guys are some of the cutest creatures in the region. Inhabiting the area for 15 million years, they have co-existed with the Aboriginal community for over 60 thousand years.

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