What is there to see between Uluru and Darwin?

What is there to see between Uluru and Darwin?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/15/2023

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The Northern Territory has some of the most beautiful natural attractions in Australia.

When you plan to do a 19 hour drive from Uluru to Darwin, you’d expect a lot to see along the way. Most of the drive exists of beautiful red rocks and dirt, and every so often you stumble upon a small town.

They’re maybe not all worth stopping but we can assure you, there are a few locations worth jumping out of the car to explore.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

Before you leave Uluru, make sure you check out some of the most iconic highlights the national park has to offer!

One of the main activities to do when you’re in Uluru is the Uluru Base Walk. This is where you’ll walk around Uluru. Or you can watch the sunrise and sunset overlooking Uluru from one of the viewpoints.

Alice Springs

Alice Springs is the main town in the Northern Territory’s Red Desert and is about four and a half hours from Uluru. You may find yourself doing a stop in Alice Springs for some food, staying the night, and checking out some local attractions. Some places to see are Mount Conner, Olive Pink Botanic Garden, and going on a hot-air balloon at sunrise.

MacDonnell Ranges National Park

An hour’s drive from Alice Springs is the MacDonnell National Park. It’s a bit of a detour heading back to Darwin, but if you have the time, it’s worth doing to check it out. At MacDonnell Ranges, you can follow walking tracks or go swimming in the waterholes.


Litchfield is a must stop over for some relaxation in the rockholes or waterfalls. Great places to swim at is Buley Rockhole and Wangi Falls. You can also swim at Florence Falls, but it is only open during the dry season.

If you stop off at Litchfield, check out the giant termite mounds! The termite mounds are about 100 years old and are as tall as two metres and some even reach four metres tall.


When you arrive in Darwin there is plenty to see from museums, beaches, and markets. When you’re in Darwin, it’s a must to go to Mindil Beach Markets and grab some local market food before finding a spot on the beach to watch the sunset.

You are also an hour away from the thrilling Jumping Crocodile Cruise down at the Adelaide River! Book your morning or afternoon tour if you want to see some crocodiles jump out of the water.

From giant rocks to waterfalls, and beaches, there are a lot of beautiful and unique places to see between Uluru and Darwin. If you can, give yourself about a week to travel between Uluru and Darwin. Seven days are enough time to have a few overnight stays at places, while also checking out beautiful places along the way.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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