Kings Canyon, Northern Territory

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Kings Canyon might not be well known by saying its name, but if you were to explain where it is, people will instantly recognise the area.

Kings Canyon, NT

Kings Canyon is located in the same vicinity of the most famous landmark in Australia; Uluru or Ayers Rock. While it’s still almost four hours away from Uluru, Kings Canyon has become a stop along the way for many tour groups heading or coming back from ‘The Red Centre.’

Located in Watarrka National Park, Kings Canyon rises 100 metres from the ground on all sides. The impressive natural region is a great destination for those who love the outdoors and want to learn more about the beginnings of the Aboriginal community. Locals of the area lead guided walking tours of the area, pointing out local flora and fauna, as well as share the story of the Aboriginal’s ancestry, which started over 20,000 years ago. Learn about the legends, the history of the canyon, and see for yourself the incredible redness of the sandstone.

There are many options of tours, walks, and information to choose from in Kings Canyon. One of the most popular walks is a hike from the bottom of the canyon to the top, six kilometres of incline to witness a breathtaking sunrise or sunset. The 22 kilometre Giles track is also located within the canyon. This trail connects Kings Canyon with Kathleen Springs and is very popular with the serious and informed hiker. If hiking isn’t your favourite activity, but still want to have a unique opportunity to see the canyon, there are guided camel tours of the area that cover a good amount of ground.

For those who want a view without the exertion, at the bottom of the canyon is Kings Creek. It’s an easy walk that ends with a staggering view of the canyon above. It’s conveniently located at the base of the canyon.

Another must-see is the Garden of Eden. This area is filled with lush garden, plants and wildlife. The permanent waterhole is home to many native plants and flowers in the area. It is said that there are over 600 different species of native plants and animals in the canyon!

With the richness of the red sandstone, the beautiful watering hole at the Garden of Eden, and the cultural importance of the area, Kings Canyon has it all for any traveller wanting to get more out of a trip than a photo and a postcard. They will get an unbelievable experience.

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