Watarrka National Park

Luritja Rd, Petermann, Northern Territory 0872

Watarrka National Park is a protected area of natural beauty located on the same orange expanse of desert as Uluru.

Gill Ranges, Watarrka National Park

It encompasses the impressive George Gill Range, which is pocked with scenic landscapes, rockholes, and gorges. It is also a hub for many of the area’s animal and plant species, thanks to its sheltered surroundings.

Perhaps the most prominent part of the park, though, is Kings Canyon, one of the best-loved landmarks in the region and a fine example of Australia’s natural beauty. The ancient sandstone walls of the attraction have been sculpted by the elements over thousands of years, and it is now a flurry of exquisite design that juts up 100m to a plateau of rocky domes.

When to Visit Watarrka National Park

While you can visit the park all year round, the cooler months provide a more pleasant backdrop. Head there between April and September to see the area at its best.

The Best Walks in Watarrka National Park

The most popular activity in the park is walking, where you can get to know the spectacular scenery and discover the vibrant array of wildlife on offer. The lush vegetation here contrasts perfectly with the stark orange backdrop of the Australian outback, while the sheltered gullies provide the perfect walking routes through the soaring landscape.

  • The Kings Canyon Rim Walk

    Kings Canyon Rim Walk

    The most popular walk is one that takes visitors to the top of the Canyon, before following its rim around and coming back down to the car park. It is a 6km hike and includes some tricky terrains as well as a couple of steep climbs. Halfway along the route, you’ll come across the Garden of Eden, which is a picturesque spot filled with waterholes.

  • The South Wall Return Walk

    This is a slightly shorter walk at 4.8km, but it still features some strenuous climbs, particularly when you’re heading up the south wall of the canyon. At the top, you’ll be greeted by incredible views across the park’s breath-taking collection of geological features.

  • The Kings Creek Walk

    Kings Creek Walk

    At 2.6km, this is a pleasant stroll that takes you through Kings Creek to a lookout point over the park. It is a relatively tame route, and ideal for beginner hikers or those just looking to get a taster of the scenery.

  • The Kathleen Springs Walk

    Taking about an hour and a half and covering 2.6km, this easy walk is perfect for families. Along the way, you’ll find a collection of signs that showcase the history and stories of the local Aboriginal heritage.

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