Things to do at Yulara

Yulara, Northern Territory 0872

Yulara is a town made famous by its close proximity to both the incredible Uluru and Kata Tjuta rock formations.

Yulara, NT

The small outpost comprises largely of the Ayers Rock Resort, an awesome Indigenous-owned hotel that has a fantastic day spa, several art galleries and lovely accommodation.

So, now that you know Yulara is the best place to get out to Australia’s most famous natural landmark, what are some of the things that make staying in the town so special?

Uluru, of course!

Uluru, alongside the Great Barrier Reef, remains one of Australia’s most beloved natural landmarks. The monolithic sandstone formation appears to spring magically out of the red earth, making it an otherworldly sight to see. A visit to Uluru is Australian travel rite of passage, with an amazing array of activities and adventures that take place around the rock.

One of the most spectacular ways to see Uluru is either by sunrise or sunset, where the sun appears to dance off the stunning rock above. Or, you can really get the adrenaline pumping via an Uluru parachuting or paragliding experience. This is an amazing way to tick off two bucket list adventures at once, as soaring over the gigantic rock is an unforgettable experience for people who have always wanted to try this exciting activity.

Head on over to Kata Jjuta

Kata Tjuta, while not as instantly recognisable as Uluru, is every bit as fascinating. The surreal domed rock formations take on a different shape to Uluru, consisting of a series of wondrous rocks that glow at sunrise and sunset. People marvel at the opportunity to hike around its soaring domes and experience its otherworldly beauty.

One of the best ways to experience Kata Tjuta is to traverse the Valley of the Winds. This incredible trail is situated within the confines of Kata Tjuta’s domes and is home to the region’s vibrant plant and animal population, who find shelter from the Red Centre’s heat and glaring sun.

Check out serene waterholes

Many people don’t know this given the Red Centre’s arid landscape, but the area around Uluru is actually home to a series of gorgeous waterholes. The most impressive waterhole near the base of Uluru has to be that of the Mutitjulu Waterhole, a glistening pool of beautifully calm waters.

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