Are the Devils Marbles sacred?

Are the Devils Marbles sacred?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 01/27/2022

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Karlu Karlu, or the “Devils Marbles”, is one of Australia’s most fascinating geological landmarks. These uniquely stacked sandstone boulders are a mesmerising sight jutting out of the desertous landscape, with the boulders seeming to stand miraculously and in the most extreme angles.

Karlu Karlu is a sacred Indigenous landmark, being a significant cultural and spiritual site for the Alyawarre, Kaytetye, Warumungu and Warlpiri people.

It is believed that these peoples have many significant Dreaming stories regarding Karlu Karlu, however most of these stories are well-guarded from outside ears!

Karlu Karlu is truly one of the most amazing places in the Northern Territory’s Tennant Creek region, and must be enjoyed alongside these other unforgettable experiences:

Barkly Tableland

The Barkly Tableland is one of the lush Australian wildernesses that truly makes you feel like you’re alone in the universe. This awe-inspiring landscape is dotted with stunning plains, beautiful waterholes and even more unique rock formations, making it an oasis in the middle of the NT desert.

It’s also a pretty marvellous place to watch a sunset, with that raging red sun colouring the vibrant land with a variety of inspiring hues…

The Davenport Ranges

The Northern Territory can truly lay claim to the real “Aussie outback”, and nowhere encapsulates this more than the Davenport Ranges, a wonderfully serene national park that simply cannot be missed when in and around Tennant Creek!

Take your 4WD, go off-roading, take in some expansive views and keep your eyes peeled for some of Australia’s captivating wildlife including the emu, Australian bustard (or “bush turkey”) and the elusive rock wallaby…

Tennant Creek

Tennant Creek is the centre point of all this miraculous wilderness, an awesome town that is world famous for its vibrant Indigenous culture. The locals will tell the tale of “Nyinkka”, a thorny-tailed goanna that created this wonderful town.

Not only this, but there is plenty of stunning art to take in around town, Nyinkka Nyunyu Art and Culture Centre being one of Australia’s top destinations to experience and learn about Indigenous art.

Tennant Creek is the perfect place to cruise back to after experiencing the wonders of Karlu Karlu, the Barkly Tableland and Davenport Ranges, with all four places combining to produce one of the Northern Territory’s most sublime adventures – not an easy feat to achieve when you consider how incredible this state really is…

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Cameron Ward
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