Is Mataranka Thermal Pool free?

Is Mataranka Thermal Pool free?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/28/2022

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Mataranka Hot Springs is like a magical oasis springing out of the sultry Northern Territory desert; a sublime tropical refuge where you can refresh your senses and invigorate your soul after exploring some of the NT’s other incredible wonderlands!

Easily one of the best inland swimming spots in all of Oz, the pools are characterised by consistent 34°C temperatures and apparent health promoting qualities, Mataranka and its adjacent Rainbow Springs are a true wonder set amongst the Elsey National Park’s lush palm forest…

You will also be pretty thrilled to know that both the Mataranka Thermal Pool and Rainbow Springs are completely free and you don’t need a permit to visit them!

This almost sounds far too good to be true, given just how enriching the springs are, but it is absolutely true, the only thing that will set you back in the area are campsites (and even they are very fair on the pocket!).

It’s awesome to know that such a cleansing, replenishing natural place hasn’t been hit with the fee tag, and it’s an amazing adventure to combine with these other regional joys:

The Nitmiluk National Park

Without a doubt, the Northern Territory is one of Australia’s top national park states (or… territories), and the Nitmiluk National Park is a great testament to this fact.

Despite not being as well known as the likes of Litchfield and Kakadu, Nitmiluk carries its own prehistoric amazement that makes it a unique adventure alongside these other big name parks!

This surreal park is home to some truly astounding peaks that trail down into peaceful waterholes as well as some absolutely spectacular bushland trekking.

The Gulf Region

Journey just a few hours east of Katherine and you will find yourself in the gorgeous Gulf Region, home to some of Australia’s best wilderness fishing and most delicious seafood for that matter.

But not only this, the Gulf Region is also an important Indigenous cultural area, and is known for being a centrepoint of fine Indigenous art, much of it depicting the Gulf’s mesmerising natural surroundings.

Finish your Gulf adventure with a visit to the spectacular Limmen National Park, where the Southern and Western lost cities will fascinate you with their giant spires and surreal formations.

It’s just another amazing adventure in a region so full of incredible – and certainly unforgettable – experiences.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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