Mataranka Hot Springs, Northern Territory

642 Homestead Rd, Mataranka, Northern Territory 0852

Located in Australia’s Northern Territory, the Mataranka hot springs provide the perfect place for visitors to unwind and soak up the mesmerising scenery.

Mataranka Hot Springs

Here, the waters of the natural pool are impossibly blue, but they also have the power to heal aches and pains – ideal if you’ve spent the day walking and exploring the surrounding region. All around the hot springs, palm forests offering a paradise backdrop, while the gentle gush of nearby waterfalls can be heard in the distance. There are plenty of wildlife spotting opportunities to be had here, too, as it is a natural breeding ground for the red flying fox – a cute, native species.

  • Mataranka Thermal Pool

    About a 16 hour drive from Uluru, this thermal pool is one of the biggest draws in the region. It promises the chance to kick back and relax with incredible views! The warm water is thought to soothe any ailments, and the natural scenery is extremely peaceful. Close to the Roper River, the pool can sometimes get crowded, especially at busier times of the year, but there is plenty of room for everyone to enjoy the natural wonder. The pool itself is filled with fresh spring water from the Daly and Georgina basins, and it maintains a consistent temperature of 34 degrees.

  • Bitter Springs

    Bitter Springs

    As well as the main thermal pools, Mataranka is also home to the Bitter Springs Thermal pool, which is often much less crowded than the more popular springs. Here, you can follow the curling streams to a bridge and a ladder which leads to a leisurely walk around the springs. The Bitter Springs are consistently deeper than the thermal pools, but they are just as peaceful and relaxing.

Close to the thermal springs, you’ll find the Mataranka Falls. There are plenty of walks that take you past the natural wonder and along the picturesque banks of the Roper River. At the bottom of the waterfalls, you can take a refreshing dip in the pools that have formed, and refresh in the water that pours over the nearby tufa dams.

It is easy to spend a day exploring Mataranka and all its natural offerings. Visitors often take a walk in the cooler parts of the day around the waterfalls and the labyrinth of surrounding trails, before taking a relaxing dip in one of the thermal pools that are so popular in the area. However you decide to spend your time in the area, prepare to come away feeling utterly refreshed.

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