Relaxing at the Mataranka Hot Springs

Near Uluru, 100km south of Katherine, Mataranka brings visitors a lush landscape that’s peppered with thermal pools, trickling streams, and plenty of places to feed the local Barramundi.

Here, you can kick back and relax in one of the many watering holes, or explore the shady trails that weave through ancient palm trees and other fascinating vegetation – keep your eyes peeled for the local wildlife, too.

Perhaps the biggest draw to the region are the Mataranka Hot Springs. Said to heal any aches and pains, the sparkling, clear waters perch in the shade of the many paperbark and palm trees that surround them.

It’s the perfect place to unwind after a long day on the road, where you’ll be surrounded by fantastic scenery and a landscape that is imbued with fascinating cultural history.

The water is spring fed and bubbles at around 34 degrees Celsius throughout the year, providing a relaxing environment to soak up. Keep a look out for little red flying foxes, too, as the area is a natural breeding ground for these cute critters – you’re more likely to see them if you’re in the area between November and May, but sometimes the breeding season drags on a little longer than this.

Visiting at the right time is important if you don’t want to share the warm waters with too many people. At peak times, there can be up to 50 people kicking back and relaxing in the springs, but people tend to move on quickly after they’ve have a short, refreshing dip.

Other Things to Do Around the Mataranka Hot Springs

It’s not just the warm spring waters that draw visitors in to this part of Australia. There are also plenty of stunning walks that take you along the length of the picturesque Roper River and through the bush from the campground at 12 Mile Hole.

Partway along, the serene waters of the river start cascading over the tufa dams at Mataranka Falls, with a spa pool languishing at the bottom. Again, the falls are surrounded by pretty scenery, despite much of the foliage being ripped from the river banks in recent floods.

If you find yourself wanting to explore a different side to Australia’s Red Centre, Mataranka is the place to go. Not only will the hot springs soothe your aching muscles, but you can soak up the pretty scenery around the Falls and the numerous hiking trails dotted around.

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