Relaxing at the Mataranka Hot Springs

Relaxing at the Mataranka Hot Springs

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/28/2017

Reading time: 3 mins

The landscape surrounding Uluru is bathed in ancient stories and magical landmarks, including Mataranka.

Set 100km to the south of Katherine, Mataranka is a haven of warm pools, meandering streams, and an eclectic mix of native flora and fauna.

At the many watering holes, visitors kick back and relax throughout the day, soaking up the peaceful surroundings and basking in the warm waters. Around the springs, there are plenty of lush trails that take you past centuries-old trees and vibrant plants.

The Healing Properties of Mataranka Springs

Mataranka is famed for its healing properties. The thermal pools are thought to heal aches and pains, a pleasant thought when you’re sat in the shady glow of the paperback and palm trees that characterise the surrounding scenery.

Regardless of whether you have any aches and pains to heal, the springs proffer the ideal place to relax and unwind after a day on the road, while the lush canopies that flank them tell stories from days gone by.

The water itself is spring fed and sits at a very pleasant 34 degrees’ Celsius year round. Keep your eyes peeled for flying foxes, as the area provides a natural and potent breeding ground for these rare and wonderful creatures.

When to Visit the Mataranka Hot Springs

If you don’t fancy sharing the pools with too many other bodies, avoid visiting at peak times. Instead, visit in the morning or late afternoon, just before or after the day trippers have had their fun. If you can catch the sunrise or sunset, too, that’s an incredible treat in this part of the country.

It’s not just healing bathing that draws visitors to Mataranka and its famous hot springs. The walks around the springs envelop visitors in some of the country’s most magnificent ancient scenery. Much which boasts a rich cultural heritage that spans back thousands of years.

While in the region, you can learn about the Dreaming stories of local Aboriginal peoples. Plus, discover some of the landmarks that have been huge parts of their traditional culture for many years.

Lush trails weave along the nearby Roper River, and there are a several campgrounds on offer. Take the chance to wake up surrounded by some of Australia’s most mesmerising scenery.

Australia’s Red Centre is full of surprises, and Mataranka is one that shouldn’t be overlooked. Go along and soothe your aches and pains against a breath-taking backdrop of rich culture and ancient plant life.

Other Things to Do Around the Mataranka Hot Springs

It’s not just the warm spring waters that draw visitors in to this part of Australia. There are also plenty of stunning walks that take you along the length of the picturesque Roper River and through the bush from the campground at 12 Mile Hole.

Partway along, the serene waters of the river start cascading over the tufa dams at Mataranka Falls, with a spa pool languishing at the bottom. Again, the falls are surrounded by pretty scenery, despite much of the foliage being ripped from the river banks in recent floods.

If you find yourself wanting to explore a different side to Australia’s Red Centre, Mataranka is the place to go. Not only will the hot springs soothe your aching muscles, but you can soak up the pretty scenery around the Falls and the numerous hiking trails dotted around.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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