The best Uluru sunrise and sunset spots

The best Uluru sunrise and sunset spots

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 09/20/2023

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It’s essential to know the best sunrise and sunset areas for Uluru.

Watching the sunrise and sunset at Uluru will be one of the finest views you will experience. It’s not every day you’ll get up early to watch Uluru wake up and see it change colours as the sunrises. And it’s also not every day you can sit back and watch the sunset at Uluru while you enjoy a glass of bubbles.

The best sunrise spots

Wake up early and watch as the first rays of light start to appear and see Uluru and the surrounding areas come to life. It’s definitely worth waking up early to watch the sunrise at Uluru!

• Talinguru Nyakunytjaku is the main sunrise viewing spot for Uluru. It can get rather busy around here at sunrise so if you’d prefer a quieter spot, you can go down one of the walking tracks.

• The Minymaku Walk is 30 minutes long where you’ll learn about women’s business and some games children would play.

• The Watiku Walk is 45 minutes long where you learn about men’s business like making tools and how they’d use fire to hunt.

If you need that motivation to get up early in the morning, book an Uluru sunrise tour! This tour isn’t one to miss as you’ll watch the sunrise over Uluru and Kata Tjuta, and then you’ll walk around Uluru. Afterwards, you then go to a viewing point to see landmarks like Kata Tjuta then you’ll walk through the Walpa Gorge.

We promise you won’t regret waking up early to watch the sunrise at Uluru!

Uluru Sunrise and Sunset

The best sunset spots

Watch as the sun starts to set and changes Uluru from a lively pinkish to bright orange and then to a deep red.

• Uluru car sunset viewing area

If you have your own car, this viewing area is a great option for you. The car sunset viewing area can get quite busy during the school holidays, so it’s best to get in early to secure your spot! Other times of the year you’ll have enough room to set up your own area with some chairs. Make sure you bring some snacks with you to enjoy the sunset.

• Bus sunset viewing area

Most tours will come to this viewing area to get an amazing view of Uluru with Kata Tjuta in the distance. You can book a sunset tour and enjoy free drinks and snacks for you to fully enjoy the sunset. Because why wouldn’t you want to enjoy a glass of champagne as the sun sets?

The earlier you arrive at the viewing areas for the sunrise and the sunset the better spot you’ll get. You should aim to arrive about half an hour before the gates open for sunrise and half an hour before sunset. There are also viewing areas for Kata Tjuta which are less crowded compared to the Uluru sunrise and sunset spots.

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