Camels and Canyons at Kings Creek Station

Camels and Canyons at Kings Creek Station

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 12/22/2016

Reading time: 3 mins

In the heart of Australia’s Red Centre near Uluru, it’s difficult to find somewhere to refuel and rest.

Enter the Kings Creek Station, which has been serving visitors since its opening in 1981. Set just 36km from Kings Canyon, the station is tucked away between desert oaks, and operates as a working cattle and camel station.

Here, there is a whole roster of fun activities to enjoy. Plus, take the chance to explore the stunning landscape of the Outback. Stop by before or after you visit Uluru for a great time. There is a selection of accommodation and quirky adventures like camel rides and helicopter tours.

If you’re just passing through, there is a station shop that serves hearty meals, drinks, and snacks. The Kings Creek camel burgers prove to be a popular choice. What’s more, the station is the largest exporter of wild camels in the whole of Australia.

So what can you get up to at the Kings Creek Station?

Stay at Kings Creek Station

After a day spent exploring the stunning scenery and discovering Kings Canyon, you can relax with a bottle of wine and delicious food at the on-site café. Here, you can watch the sunset against the beautiful backdrop of George Gill Ranges while soaking up the peace and quiet of the surroundings.

The station promises a range of accommodation options that cater to all sorts of travellers, whether you’re looking for a cheap place to stay on your way to Uluru, or a luxury pad to bed down in for a good night’s sleep.

There are safari cabins, where you can feel at one with nature, the option for camping, so you can sleep under the stars, luxury glamping, for a more upmarket experience, and several cabins and lodges that are both remote and romantic. It’s the perfect pit stop in the Red Centre, bringing you peace and quiet and the chance to explore this incredibly remote and beautiful part of Australia.

Fun Activities at Kings Creek Station

If you’re looking to explore the area in a unique way, there are plenty of activities you can pick up at Kings Creek Station. There’s a little something for everyone, too, whether you’re on the hunt for an adrenaline-pumping adventure, or simply want to enjoy the region in a more relaxed manner.

For the more active traveller, a stroll to the George Gill lookout presents magnificent views across the range and the surrounding landscape. While up high, you can cast your eye across the sprawling expanse of the Red Centre and watch over the vegetation and wildlife that calls it home.

If you’re after a thrill, they have you covered. You can join one of the camel safaris from the station every day, discovering the scenery from the back of a camel, you can take a helicopter flight and see the Red Centre from a different perspective, or you can take a quad bike safari through the landscape, watching the world whizz past you.

After a hot day in the Red Centre, you’ll need a dip in the pool. Kick back and relax with an icy cold drink and enjoy some respite away from the searing Australian sun.

If you find yourself passing through this part of Australia, a stop-off at Kings Creek Station is a must-do.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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