How long is Kings Canyon Rim Walk?

How long is Kings Canyon Rim Walk?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/06/2023

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Take in the stunning views below when walking along the red rocks of Kings Canyon.

Kings Canyon Rim Walk is one of the more difficult and longer walks at Watarrka National Park. The walk is a six kilometre loop track and it can take between three to four hours. We recommend taking extreme care when doing this walk during the hotter months in September to April. If you plan to do this walk, try to do it earlier in the day when it isn’t too warm!

What can I expect on the walk?

At the start of the walk, you should expect a difficult climb. We promise once you reach the top it’s worth it when you see the view. There are about 500 stairs to climb up before reaching the top. Once you’ve climbed to the top, start walking around the canyon rim. There will be blue arrows along the walk you can follow. The views below are a forest of palms and red sand.

Weathered sandstone domes

You’ll first come across the maze of weathered sandstone domes. These are amazing red and orange sandstones that have had a long exposure to the weather. The long exposure has caused the rocks to look like a maze.

Garden of Eden

Roughly halfway on the walk, you’ll come across the Garden of Eden. This is a beautiful and lush greenery area with a waterhole. The Garden of Eden is surrounded by roughly 60 different types of rare plants.

Sandstone domes

Moving forward from the beautiful Garden of Eden, you’ll walk by the ancient sandstone domes. These domes are deep red and were made from the wind and rain keeping together the sand from over the years.

As you make your way towards the end of the walk, you’ll start going back down towards the car park.

Throughout the walk, there are stairs and boardwalks. We recommend sticking to these to keep you safe and so you don’t get lost along the way!

What other walks can I do in Kings Canyon?

For an easier walk, we recommended the Kings Creek Walk. This walk is about two kilometres and can take roughly an hour to complete. It’s perfect if you don’t have enough time, have a family, or are walking during the middle of the day. Follow the red arrows and it will lead you to a viewing platform with amazing views of the canyon walls.

Kings Canyon Rim Walk gives you stunning views as you walk along the canyon rim. Bring some water when walking this track as you’ll likely need it along the way!

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