Kings Canyon: Following the trails of Watarrka National Park

Kings Canyon: Following the trails of Watarrka National Park

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 08/11/2016

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The enchanting landscape of Australia’s Northern Territory is a vast mosaic of colours.

Watarrka National Park

Towards the south-west corner of the Territory lies the rust-coloured earth of Australia’s Red Centre. It is home to Australia’s largest and most impressive rock formations, jaw dropping walks and a rich cultural heritage. At its heart you can find the Watarrka National Park north of the famous Uluru.

The park can be found halfway along the Red Centre Way, a road that connects Uluru to Alice Springs. Watarrka plays host to scenic landscapes of mottled green bushes and red soil, as well as the towering cliffs of Kings Canyon. The canyon offers spectacular scenery from above as the land falls away beneath you. The panoramic view of this park’s natural beauty is the cherry on top of an amazing day.

Kings Canyon Walks

The canyon is a hotspot for hikers and climbers with several trails of different difficulty levels to choose from. The easiest trail is Creek Walk which is only 2km return and will lead you along the bottom of the gorge. Walk alongside colossal canyon walls, dwarfed by their immense size. For those of you with an adventurous spirit, the 22km Giles Track will take you along the George Gill Range. You’ll wind past the Kathleen Springs, a charming spring-fed waterhole at the head of Kathleen Gorge.

The most popular of all the trails is the Rim Walk. It is moderately difficult but offers some of the very best scenery. You’ll start by climbing the steep hill at the foot of the trail. Fortunately though it’s relatively flat once you reach the top. Once you reach the top, you’ll have little chance to catch your breath because the views from the summit will take it away. From your vantage point you will have an incredible view of the Lost City, which is made up of a series of sandstone domes. Once you’ve drunk in the sights from the top of the 300m high cliffs you can begin your descent into the canyon. Here you’ll find the Garden of Eden, a secluded waterhole with lush plant life and a great place to stop and enjoy lunch.

The unique landscape of Kings Canyon offers the incredible chance to walk along the trails of Australia’s Red Centre. With sights so marvellous and rich in colour, you’re guaranteed to have the hike of a lifetime.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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