What is so special about Kings Canyon?

What is so special about Kings Canyon?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/09/2023

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Kings Canyon has incredible scenic views of the red dirt with spots of green trees and bushes in Watarrka National Park.

The incredible red sandstone is about a 3,5 hour drive from the famous red rock, Uluru. You can find Kings Canyon in Watarrka National Park which is the home to the Luritja and Arrente people.

Kings Canyon is special because it’s one of the few highlights in the red centre of the Northern Territory. Millions of years ago the canyon was once a valley before the red sandstone experienced years of erosion. After 400 million years of erosion, Kings Canyon eventually became the red sandstone canyon we see today.

There are many things to do and see around Kings Canyon. You’ll be spending a full day exploring the area and having an adventurous day.

Kings Canyon Rim Walk

A great way to see Kings Canyon is going on the Kings Canyon Rim Walk. You can expect to be on this walk for about three to four hours, but it’s totally worth it! Doing this walk earlier in the morning is highly recommended as it can get extremely hot by midday.

If you prefer a shorter walk, you can do the Kings Creek Walk which is only about an hour.

Garden of Eden

There is a beautiful greenery garden with 60 different types of rare plants in Kings Canyon. It’s one of the most special parts of Kings Canyon. The garden has a waterhole but you’re not able to go swimming in it.

The Garden of Eden provides a bit of relief for those who’s been doing the Kings Canyon Rim Walk in the heat. With the shady area from the trees, it’s a great time to stop and relax and take in the nature in this area.

There are platforms you can walk across to see the Garden of Eden below and appreciate how something like this can exist in the middle of the red desert.

Sandstone domes

There are two types of sandstone domes you come across around Kings Canyon. A very interesting one is the weathered sandstone domes. These, as you expect, have had long exposure from the weather and now the domes look like a maze.

The other type of sandstone domes is ancient and giant deep red domes. These domes were once sand dunes but after thousands of years, the wind and rain eventually turned them all into sandstone domes.

Book a tour

When booking a tour, you get the best experience. You’ll walk through Kings Canyon and get shown around by a tour guide.

If you have a few days spare, you can book a three day tour of Uluru and Kings Canyon. During these three days, you’ll see incredible sunrise and sunsets, explore Uluru, walk through Valley of the Winds, and see Kings Canyon.

Even though Kings Canyon is a bit isolated from other parts of Australia, it’s worth making a trip out here. You’ll discover the natural beauty of Kings Canyon and the red desert.

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