Sleeping in a Swag Under the Stars at Uluru

Picture yourself settling down for the night beneath the shimmer of a million stars. Instead of shutting out the world with curtains or a tent, you allow yourself to become a part of the natural landscape, to be at one with the incredible surroundings, and to soak up timeless scenery that is like nowhere else in the world.

This is exactly how it feels to sleep in a swag beneath the stars on our Uluru tours. It’s one of the best ways to really feel like a part of the landscape and to immerse yourself in its picturesque backdrop.

After a day spent exploring the numerous landmarks that pepper the area, from the rugged peaks of Kings Canyon, to the awe-inspiring jutting rock formation of Uluru itself, you can unwind with an open-air barbecue and marvel at the way the land changes colour as the sun begins to set.

Then, when the sun has disappeared completely and the swathe of darkness and silence envelopes the surroundings, you can tuck yourself into a comfortable swag and stare up at the stars until you fall asleep.

What is a Swag?

A swag is like a large sleeping bag, but it’s made from strong canvas and features a comfortable sponge-like mattress on the bottom to ensure your open-air sleep is relaxing. Within that you place your own sleeping bag, which provides a much warmer experience than sleeping in a tent, and offers a heavy dose of comfort and safety. Swags are the most popular form of sleeping equipment in the outback because they are like mini-beds beneath the stars.

When you think of the outback you might think of wild animals and insects, but you needn’t worry. The outback is actually the best place to indulge in a bit of outdoor sleeping because the dry air means there are no mosquitos and very few animals trundle through the barren landscape after dark. In fact, sleeping in a swag beneath the stars can be an amazing first-time camping experience, because it offers the chance to soak up the eternally-clear sky from the comfortable resting point of your swag, surrounded by ancient rock formations and new-found friends.

As the campfire begins to simmer down for the night, the stars shine brighter. And so, set to the soundtrack of rustling nature and the gentle breathing of fellow travellers, you can marvel at the incredible display of nature that characterises this hugely popular and historic part of Australia.

Sleep under the stars on our 3 Day Uluru Tour from Alice Springs!

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